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Lessons need to be learned for Cycle Hire sponsorship

As Transport for London begins the process of making a new sponsorship deal for the Cycle Hire scheme, Caroline Pidgeon AM said:

"Many lessons need to be learnt from the exclusive sponsorship deal that the mayor and TfL struck with Barclays Bank.

"Above all else the contract was unnecessarily secretive and far too favourable to the bank.

"The bank should have paid far more for the benefits they had been granted under the sponsorship deal."

Save Highbury's local shops

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined Highbury East Team members Terry Stacy and Julie Horton to congratulate them on the success of their petition to save local shops, which attracted over 2,500 signatures. As a result of this petition the developers of the former Highbury Vale Police Station have submitted plans to the council for four small commercial units on the ground floor of the building instead of one large one for a supermarket chain.

Thanks to the Lib Dems this real threat of driving the local shops out of business has been stopped.

Crossrail 2 station needed at Essex Road

Plans for a possible new underground line through Islington have been welcomed by local Liberal Democrats, but questions are being asked about a promised station that appears to have vanished off the map.

The Crossrail 2 project would create a new line between north-east and south-west London with faster journey times and improved transport connections and relieve overcrowded existing lines. The scheme will also
create jobs and regenerate areas.

Mayor and TfL's £60m cash pile from unused Oysters

£60 million of the public’s money is now being held in a cash pile by TfL due to a growing number of Oyster cards that have not even been used for at least one year.

The huge cash pile is due to the soaring levels of money that Transport for London (TfL) generate from people obtaining Oyster cards that are used just once, or very rarely.

Huge work is needed to make London’s roads safe for cyclists

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson, commenting on the publication today of 2013 figures measuring the number of cyclists killed and seriously injured in London, said:

“Of course this fall in serious injuries in 2013 compared to 2012 is welcome, but in reality these figures provide absolutely no grounds for complacency.

“It is absolutely clear that huge amount of further work is necessary to make London’s roads safer for all cyclists, whether young or old, male or female.


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