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Assembly backs Dementia Friends campaign

The London Assembly has backed the Alzheimer’s Society ‘Dementia Friends’ campaign, which aims for at least one million supporters by 2015. The Assembly also called for training across the GLA and the wider group to understand the disease.

Dementia is a growing problem in London, with huge personal and economic costs for society. Dementia costs the UK £26 billion a year – enough to pay the energy bills of every household in the country. People with dementia, their carers and families shoulder two-thirds of the cost themselves.

Campaigning in Hornsey and Wood Green

Caroline joined Lib Dems from Haringey and across London campaigning with Lynne Featherstone MP for Dawn Barnes in the forthcoming by-election in Woodside Ward on 2nd October.

"It was great to be out and about talking to local residents and hearing about the various problems with Haringey Council, in particular fly tipping, as well as to pick up problems with transport and bus services" commented Caroline.

Silencing the Waterloo Tannoy will make it inaccessible to the blind

As South West Trains plans a trial of silencing Tannoy announcements at Waterloo station, Caroline Pidgeon expressed her strong opposition to a plan that will make travel much harder for passengers with visual disabilities.

“This is one of the most absurd decisions by a train company I have ever come across. Visual and audible announcements are vital... and it would be a scandal if such an important station as Waterloo was made inaccessible to any of its passengers.”

TfL employees' parking fines - a waste of money and a double standard

As a Freedom of Information request revealed that Transport for London has payed £170,000 in the last four years to cover its own employees' parking fines, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

"These fines are not only a serious waste of money by TfL but they also show that too many TfL staff believe in the mantra of 'do as I say, not as I do' when it comes to traffic enforcement..

"Transport for London has no hesitation in handing out penalty charge notices for people who park on red routes or who get caught in yellow boxes.

Caroline joins Guide Dogs for the Blind in supporting safe roads for everyone

Caroline recently joined up with Guide Dogs for the Blind and the London Cycling Campaign in their campaign to ensure that cyclists are aware of the needs of blind people, especially at pedestrian crossings.

The campaign recognises that the vast majority of cyclists are very responsible, however due to the actions of a minority of cyclists problems often face blind people when crossing the road.


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