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Realistic fare plans that will help London's lowest-paid employees

Writing for the Left Foot Forward website, Caroline Pidgeon sets out her policy on London transport fares:

It is for this reason that I think some honesty is needed about fares, especially as within a few years TfL will be facing the permanent loss of £700m per year in state subsidy.

Freezing all fares over many years might sound incredibly attractive, but it is ultimately an uncosted policy. No one knows what it will really cost, as no one knows what inflation will be in three or four years time.

Mayor has let down London in his obsession with the New Routemaster

The Mayor’s obsession with the New Routemaster is forcing Transport for London to purchase more of the expensive buses for the sole reason of keeping the production line running at Wrightbus, it has been revealed.

Transport for London’s Finance and Policy Committee is set to agree to purchase 30 more New Routemaster buses so as to “enable Wrightbus to maintain the operation of one of the two current production lines”, confirming that there is no market for the New Routemaster buses outside of London.

People power has been successful in getting Caledonian Road closure plans dropped

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on Transport for London’s withdrawal of controversial plans to close Caledonian Road tube station for eight months to replace the two lifts, said:

“This U-turn by TfL is a great victory for people power. I congratulate Nigel Scott and the organisers of this excellent campaign and everyone who got behind it.

Mayor should apologise for his real failure to get London hospitals to share data with the police

Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the recent boastful statement by the Mayor of London claiming a ‘dramatic’ increase in London’s A&Es sharing information with the police to help reduce violence across the capital, said:

“For many years there has been powerful evidence that anonymous data collected by A&Es leads to more intelligent and effective policing helping to make our communities safer.

Incredible that Chancellor bypassed proper process on the Garden Bridge

As a National Audit Office report highlights the uncertainty over the value for the public money being poured into the Garden Bridge, and George Osborne's bypassing of normal procedure, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

“It is incredible that, while the real benefits of the garden bridge are hard to quantify, George Osborne didn’t hesitate to instruct both the Department for Transport and the Mayor of London to pour taxpayers’ money into the scheme.”


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