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Mayor fails to raise Surrey Canal Road station at ministerial meeting

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, commenting on the Mayor’s admission at Mayor’s Question Time that he did not raise the issue of Surrey Canal Road station at his first meeting with the new Secretary of State for Transport, said:

"It is incredible that the Mayor failed to raise the issue of Surrey Canal Road station with the Secretary of State when he clearly promised that he would. If we don't secure the additional seven million now this station will be lost for a generation.

"As a matter of urgency the Mayor must get on the phone to the Minister and ensure this issue is finally resolved."

You can also read coverage of this story by the Lewisham News Shopper and by local blog Brockley Central.

New approach to tube upgrades must go further

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, commenting on today’s announcement that there will be a reduced programme of weekday evening closures for the Northern Line this summer, said:

"Where closures are absolutely necessary for tube upgrade work we should be seriously looking at short term blockades as opposed to very long periods of evening and weekend closures.

Caroline questions the Mayor on motorcycle issues

The London Bikers website has a story on the questions Caroline has asked the Mayor about parking charges for motorbikes, and TfL's trial allowing motorcyclists to use bus lanes.

Caroline Pidgeon:
"What do you personally think about Westminster Council’s parking charges for motorcycles?"

Answer from the Mayor:
"My particular concern is about central London traffic congestion arising from recent demonstrations by motorcyclists congregating at Trafalgar Square. I would like to see the dispute resolved through common ground being found between WCC and motorcyclists around the operation of parking schemes in Westminster."

Caroline questions Mayor on shoddy Shepherd's Bush Market work

Local Shepherd's Bush blogger Chris Underwood covers Caroline Pidgeon's questions to the Mayor on the unsafe and defective work that Transport for London commissioned at Shepherd's Bush Market, which is sited on TfL-owned land.

19. “Shoddy” work in Shepherds Bush (1)
There have been recent media reports regarding the market traders in Shepherds Bush being furious about “shoddy” works carried out on TfL land which runs through Shepherds Bush market. What action has TfL taken in rectifying this?

20. “Shoddy” work in Shepherds Bush (2)
Will you investigate why the market traders in Shepherds Bush seem so unhappy about the expensive works that have been carried out on the path that runs through the market, and also investigate why the costs were so high for this job in the first place?

You can read Chris's full article here.

TfL payoffs are unjustified and unnecessary

The Evening Standard today quotes Caroline Pidgeon's criticism of the £6m that Transport for London under Boris Johnson has paid out in redundancy money to senior staff:

When TfL are facing such difficult financial challenges it is incredible that they are offering such generous redundancy payments to senior staff.

Making redundancies is never easy but such incredibly large pay-offs are neither justified or necessary.

You can read the full story here.


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