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Ticket office cuts in Epping Forest

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem London Assembly Member and Chair of the Transport Committee, met with campaigners to find out what the impact would be of Boris Johnson's plans to reduce the opening times at four of Epping Forest's Underground Stations.

During the meeting, arranged by the Liberal Democrat parliamentary campaigner Councillor Ann Haigh, Caroline spoke with many residents outside two of the affected stations, Buckhurst Hill and Epping.

Along with other local Liberal Democrats including Councillors Peter Spencer and Janet Whitehouse, Ann Haigh and Caroline Pidgeon handed out hundreds of petition slips to commuters.

Nick Clegg gives keynote speech at Elephant and Castle

In March Nick Clegg MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats came to the Salvation Army at the Elephant and Castle to deliver a keynote speech on poverty.

Nick Clegg declared that schools are at the heart of his vision for fairness. He said: “Under our plans smaller classes won’t be a privilege reserved for the rich. Our Pupil Premium raises the funding per pupil for poorer children to the same levels as the money spent per pupil in private schools. Head teachers can use that money to have smaller classes, like in fee paying schools, taking our poorest children a huge leap towards an education they would otherwise never be able to afford.”

He also attacked the Tories for failing to spell out their plans: “The Conservatives have also promised to target funding towards disadvantaged pupils. But they have committed precisely no pounds and no pence.

Roadworks make Londoners' journeys unpredictable and horrendously slow

The Evening Standard reports on the disruption caused to drivers and bus passengers by the major roadworks which affect thousands of roads in London every day.

Caroline Pidgeon is quoted saying:

London's road network has probably never faced so much disturbance. For too many people their daily journeys are both unpredictable and horrendously slow.

As well as bridge and tunnel closures, thousands of roads are being dug up by Thames Water, not to mention other utility companies.

Boris Johnson defends the indefensible

In an article for the Liberal Democrat Voice website, Caroline Pidgeon strongly criticises the way Boris Johnson has chosen to put party advantage above ethical standards, by failing to remove disgraced Brent Tory councillor Bertha Joseph from the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

Caroline says:

Boris Johnson faced a crucial test. A test he completely failed. The Mayor should have automatically sacked her, but instead he allowed her to remain on the London Fire Authority simply to ensure that a Conservative majority was maintained. Put simply Party advantage was put before anything else. He tolerated something that would not be permitted in any other part of the country. He defended the indefensible. ...

Brandon Estate report launched

On Tuesday a report looking into what is needed on the Brandon Estate was launched by the Blackfriars Settlement, Newington ward councillors and Simon Hughes MP. The report showed that the majority of people like living on the estate, but that improved security and more social activities would make it better still.

Newington ward councillor Caroline Pidgeon, who chaired the launch event, said:


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