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Meeting local residents in Bermondsey

Caroline spent an afternoon meeting north Bermondsey residents with local councillors Eliza Mann, Hamish McCallum and Anood al-Samerai.

Londoners are entitled to transparency and value for money from TfL

Caroline Pidgeon has criticised Transport for London's record of spending nearly £2m over 7 years on a consultancy contract to provide "senior executive facilitation, support and coaching", without looking for competitive bids.

“Renewing this contract without competitive bidding for so many years raises some fundamental questions about TfL’s transparency, let alone its commitment to value for money.

“Contracts such as this should be open for examination and regularly put out to tender.”

You can read the full story at MayorWatch.

The whole of London needs rigorous landlord licensing

Inside Croydon reports on the ineffectiveness of Croydon council's landlord licensing scheme - with only one prosecution in the last year.

Caroline told Inside Croydon:

“Within London’s private rented sector there is now a need for a proper and robust framework of regulation across the entire city. The data clearly demonstrates that only a rigorous regime of licensing will result in the enforcement needed to put an end to the problem of rogue landlords that exist across every part of London.”

Unstaffed Tube stations break the pledge TfL made to the travelling public

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on BBC London Television’s report on a number of London Underground stations regularly operating unstaffed, said:

“At the time when Tube ticket offices were set to close Londoners were given an absolute guarantee that stations would continue to be staffed at all times.

Cycle Superhighway 4 - a missed opportunity for Greenwich and Woolwich

Caroline Pidgeon described her frustration that TfL's plans for Cycle Superhighway 4 now will not take it through Greenwich town centre and into Woolwich.

Responding to TfL's consultation on the plans, Caroline wrote:


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