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London-wide + Greenwich stories

The Mayor needs to decide - is the cable car is a tourist attraction or public transport?

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on news that the cable car appears to have no regular commuters, following a freedom of information request made by Darryl Chamberlain of the 853 blog, said:

"It is amazing that the cable car had no regular customers during a recent week in October.

“The cable car should either be run as a tourist attraction or alternatively as an integral form of public transport, where people with a relevant travelcard can travel for free and an Oyster Pay As You Go fare should be the same as a single bus fare.

Public transport investment must be top priority for East London

A Transport for London consultation on new river crossings in east London, which closes this week, is far too centred around motorists and completely overlooks the need for significant improvements in public transport in south east London, is the key message made by Caroline Pidgeon AM, in the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group’s consultation response.

Space for Cycling Campaign gets backing from Caroline

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined thousands of other Londoners in a mass cycle ride on Saturday 17th May in support of the Space for Cycling Campaign organised by the London Cycling Campaign in the run up to the London borough elections.

Security at closed fire stations will cost £138,000 over two years

Figures obtained by Caroline Pidgeon have shown that the cost of security at Woolwich and Downham fire stations - which were closed in January as part of the Mayor's fire service cuts - will total £138,000 until the end of 2015.

Lewisham Lib Dem councillor Julia Fletcher commented:

“Downham fire station should never have closed. We were told the reason it and other stations across London had to go was to save money, yet now the taxpayer has to fork out £69,000 just to protect an empty building.”

Residents' cable car discounts - welcome but not nearly enough

Speaking to the Wharf newspaper as Transport For London announced discounts for Newham and Greenwich residents on the Thames cable car, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"Providing cheap travel on the cable car for Greenwich and Newham residents is obviously welcome news for people that live in these two boroughs, but this latest development will not be sufficient to turn around the dismal passenger figures for people using the cable car.

Common sense over bikes on the DLR is welcome news

Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on today’s announcement that Transport for London, will permanently permit bicycles on off-peak Docklands Light Railway trains said:

“This is an incredibly welcome decision. I am not surprised at all that the recent trial allowing non-folding bicycles on the DLR has been a success as there was no real argument to support the total prohibition of bikes being allowed on the DLR.

Cable car usage is pitiful for a publicly funded project

As figures revealed that use of the Thames cable car has fallen nearly 50% compared to December 2012, Caroline Pidgeon, called for the service to be free for those whose travelcards include Zone Two, and said:

"Last week barely 2,000 people were using the cable car every day," she said. "The number of people using it has plummeted over the last year.

Cable car should go on top of the bonfire of Mayor's vanity projects

Commenting on the latest cable car passenger figures for the Thames cable car which show that weekly passenger figures are dramatically lower than a year ago Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group said:

“If there was a bonfire of Mayoral vanity schemes the cable car deserves to be put at the very top.”

Greenwich Council owes foot tunnel users an apology

Responding to a report investigating the causes of the 3-year overrun in the project to refurbish the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels, Caroline Pidgeon said: "Finally some information has come to light as to why the upgrades to the tunnels took so long and incredibly are still in such a poor condition.

"Reading the report it does seem that fault lies equally with Greenwich Council and the contractors.

"Greenwich Council must now apologise to the tens of thousands of pedestrians and cyclists who rely on these tunnels but were never kept properly informed while the disruption over the tunnel closures dragged on over such a long period of time."

Cable car usage falls by half

Commenting on figures showing that usage of the Thames cable car has halved compared to a year ago, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"After 16 months of operating the latest passenger figures for the cable car speak for themselves. It is increasingly clear that the longer it is in existence the fewer people want to use it as it is currently run.

"The Mayor of London, who is chair of Transport for London, should now be honest with Londoners and decide what its future should be.

"If the cable car is to have any success in the long term it should either be run and operated as a privately run tourist attraction, or instead operated as an integral form of public transport, where people with a Travelcard or a relevant pass can use it for free."