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London-wide + Greenwich stories

Woolwich Crossrail station must be delivered for southeast London

Speaking to the London24 website about fears that funding for the Woolwich Crossrail solution will be cut, preventing it being ready for the opening of the line in 2018, Caroline Pidgeon said:

This would be a criminal waste of public money and a real betrayal of people in south east London

Housing at the Olympic Park

Caroline Pidgeon AM recently visited the Olympic Park to meet with the London Legacy Development Corporation and to see first hand the plans for new housing and the conversion of the existing housing in East Village, the flats used by athletes during the 2012 Games.

"It was good to see so much progress and to hear the plans going forward. I would however like to see a lot more social and genuinely affordable housing in the next phases of housing" commented Caroline.

Cable car fares need an overhaul

Commenting on figures that showed the Thames cable car having its lowest ever usage in the week ending 15th December, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

"It is normal practice for a new transport link to experience a growing number of passengers as people find out about the route and start using it on a regular basis.

"The Thames cable car is totally bucking the trend with its passenger figures seeing a consistent downward trend.

Mayor should admit he is decimating Safer Neigbourhood Teams

Caroline Pidgeon AM, leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the Mayor’s response today to her questions about the future of Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) across London, where he failed to recognise that there would be a reduction in dedicated police officers for each safer neighbourhood team, said:

“The Mayor should come clean with Londoners and admit that he is decimating the current and successful model for safer neighbourhood teams.

Cable car usage reaches record low

Greenwich Lib Dem blogger Chris Smith reports on the weekly figures showing the lowest usage yet on the Thames cable car, and echoes Caroline Pidgeon's concerns that the cable car is being managed more as a tourist attraction than a serious form of transport.

Cable car is little more than a tourist attraction

Caroline Pidgeon, leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the latest figures for ridership on the cable car which show that daily ridership has fallen to as low as 301 passengers on one day and that just 16 Oyster card holders used the cable car more than five times in the week ending 21st October 2012 said:

“Outside of weekends and school holidays the passenger figures for the Thames cable car are pitiful. It is now increasingly clear that the Thames cable car is little more than a tourist attraction and not proving a useful link for people who regularly commute across the Thames.

“Of course if the Mayor had just been honest about this from the outset and honoured his claim that the scheme would be funded entirely from private funds there would be no complaints. But that is not what he promised Londoners.

“Having poured so much public money into the scheme the Mayor must now ensure it operates like an integral form of public transport. A good start would be to ensure that people with a relevant Travelcard are not charged again for using a publicly funded transport scheme.”

Cable car needs to be a serious mode of transport

Speaking to the BBC about the extremely low passenger numbers on the Thames cable car, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"All we're seeing is a publicly funded tourist attraction rather than a serious mode of transport. What the Mayor now needs to do is to incorporate it in the Travelcard network, to make sure people are using it, rather than the handful that are today."

£60m cable car has just 1400 regular users

The Snipe London website reports that - as revealed by Caroline Pidgeon's question to the Mayor - only 1400 people have used the Greenwich-Newham cable car often enough to get the discount for frequent users.

Read the full article here.

Greenwich tunnels - still appalling

Speaking to the Evening Standard about the long delays and cost escalations in refurbishing the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels, Caroline Pidgeon said:
"It is time Greenwich council admitted exactly why the budget has gone through the roof and the tunnels are still in such an appalling state."

Read the full article here.

Greenwich Young People's Council

Caroline Pidgeon AM, along with Greenwich Lib Dem campaigner Chris Smith attended a Greenwich Young People's Council on Saturday 6th October in Woolwich Dockyard. Young people form across Greenwich and members of the Youth Parliament organised the day to have fun and to discuss transport concerns from young residents.

"It was really good to meet so many young people and to hear directly their concerns regarding the accessibility of the transport network and safety. It was also a pleasure to meet David Hall and Michael Omoniyi again, local
elected young people from Greenwich who are doing such a good job" commented Caroline.