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Caroline pledges to tackle poor air quality in Camden

Caroline Pidgeon was out in the Euston Road area of Camden with Councillor Flick Rea, London Assembly Lib Dem candidate for Barnet and Camden Zack Polanski, and local activists. They were assessing the poor air quality and congestion in the local area. Caroline is passionate about improving London’s air quality.

Caroline said:

“Congestion is not just a huge inconvenience but also damaging to people’s health. It creates a huge economic bill for businesses due to delays, longer delivery times and staff arriving late for work

Now more than ever we need to face up to the implications of London’s growing population and that must mean using the Congestion Charge in a far smarter way.

Tackling London’s air pollution must also mean tough action against diesel vehicles. Using the Congestion Charge to deter diesel vehicles from central London in places like Camden could be a game changer in tackling air pollution in London.”

Save Kneller Hall

Caroline Pidgeon visited Twickenham to campaign with the local Lib Dems to save Knellar Hall. The MoD has proposed to dispose of this Grade II listed building and grounds to make room for housing.

Campaigning in Redbridge

Caroline Pidgeon joined the Redbridge Lib Dems with Councillor Gwyneth Deakins and Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidate for Havering and Redbridge Ian Sanderson. They were out speaking to local residents and also collecting signatures for improvements at Charlie Brown roundabout.

Campaigning in Upminster and Romford

Caroline Pidgeon was out in Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidate for Havering and Redbridge Ian Sanderson. They did a walkabout in both Upminster and Romford to talk to local residents, and to hear about the transport issues facing local people in the area.

Campaigning in Tower Hamlets

Caroline Pidgeon was out with the Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidate for the City and East London Elaine Bagshaw in Tower Hamlets. They were talking to local people in Chrisp Street Market about half price fares before half seven, the Lib Dem home building plans and the fact that Tower Hamlets Borough has £70 million of unspent money through planning gain.

Campaigning in Herne Hill to save live music venues

Caroline Pidgeon spoke at a campaign rally in Herne Hill to save our live music venues. Music iplays a huge role of our cultural scene in London. Music tourism alone generates more than £650 million per annum for the London economy, and more than 3.3 million tourists visited London in 2015 for music specifically. In fact, the O2 Arena in London sold more music tickets in 2014 than any other venue in the world.

Out and about in Tolworth

Caroline Pidgeon visited Kingston to look at the issues facing the Tolworth area. She met local Lib Dem councillors and former Member of Parliament and local campaigner Edward Davey. The group looked at the Conservative plans for high rise in the area which do not have enough affordable homes.

Campaigning to keep the bus station in Vauxhall

Caroline Pidgeon came to Vauxhall to meet with local campaigners to look at the Our Vauxhall plans for the local bus interchange which is under threat of being closed. Our Vauxhall is a mixture of local residents, businesses and visitors in Vauxhall who have joined forces to campaign for a strategic Green Link that runs from Battersea Park to Vauxhall Spring Gardens.

Campaigning to save Muswell Hill Library

Caroline Pidgeon has been in Haringey to meet with local Liberal Democrat councillors who have uncovered a report that reveals the Labour-run council are considering moving Muswell Hill Library to a new location with library space taken up by customer services.

The Lib Dems are campaigning to keep Muswell Hill Library in the current historic, listed building in the heart of Muswell Hill.

Speaking to East Dulwich residents about housing, fares and childcare

Caroline Pidgeon joined local Lib Dem London Assembly candidate for Lambeth and Southwark Michael Bukola and Councillor Rosie Shimell out in East Dulwich. They were out speaking to local residents and campaigning on half price fares before half seven, building more homes and affordable wrap-around childcare.


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