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Campigning in Kingston

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined local councillors and campaigners on the doors in Kingston on Tuesday 6th May to hear about local issues and to support the Lib Dem teams in the forthcoming local council elections.

Caroline spent some of the day in Chessington South, and Chessington North and Hook, supporting local Cllr Tricia Bamford, Cllr Rachel Reid, Cllr Shiraz Mirza, Cllr Margaret Thompson, Clive Chase and Emma-Louise Wykes. The team had a fantastic day in the sunshine hearing about the good housing service and major works that had been carried out in the area and picking up issues around transport.

Campaigning in Bayswater

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined the Lib Dem Team in Bayswater on Saturday 3rd May to talk to residents on their street stall and to knock on doors.

The Bayswater team have worked tirelessly for the local community, raising issues of concern ranging from protecting local independent shops to the impact of planning applications on the area and repairs in local housing association homes. The team are very concerned about massive underground housing applications which can destabilise streets and cause months, if not years, of nuisance to local residents, as well as other over-developments, which cause problems whilst being built and often allow in chain stores onto the local high street.

Campaigning in Ealing

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined Ealing councillor Jon Ball and local members and council candidates, door knocking in Ealing Common ward on Saturday 26th April.

The team spoke to lots of residents and picked up huge concerns regarding the plans for Ealing Broadway station.

"It was great to meet so many local people and to get such good feedback about Cllr Jon Ball and his local team including Jennifer Hollis and Craig O'Donnell, who work so hard for Ealing Common" commented Caroline.

Campaigning in Lewisham

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined local Lib Dem campaigners including Mayoral candidate Duwayne Brooks and local Lib Dem councillor Julia Fletcher out and about talking to local residents on Saturday 12th April.

The team knocked on doors talking to local residents in Downham ward, hearing their concerns with the Labour run borough including about the cost of parking and street cleaning issues.

Campaigning in Merton

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined local Lib Dem campaigners in Merton on Thursday 24th April to join their campaign for step free access at Raynes Park station and to oppose the many cuts the local Labour Council have implemented.

Caroline joined Parliamentary Campaigner Shas Sheehan and local activists including Anthony Fairclough and Giles Bailey talking to local residents.

Hartfield Road bus lane branded "cash cow"

Residents and local Liberal Democrats have hit out at the controversial bus lane on Hartfield Road during a visit to the area by chair of the London Assembly Transport committee, Caroline Pidgeon.

After investigating the bus lane on Hartfield Road, Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon said:

Campaigning to protect Chessington

Caroline Pidgeon AM and Stephen Knight AM joined Lib Dem councillors and campaigners in Kingston to protest at plans to build 70,000 new homes in Chessington on Green Belt land.

The plan is proposed in a report by Business Group London First and the Conservative Mayor of London's Housing Deputy Mayor is reported to support their recommendations.

Campaigning for better bus services in Carshalton

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined Lib Dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake and local Lib Dem Councillors on Saturday 15th March to campaign on a number of important transport issues.

Firstly Caroline joined the team to once again highlight the issues with the X26 bus which does not stop at The Plough in Beddington even though it did previously. The local Lib Dem Councillors along with Tom Brake MP are calling for Transport for London to reverse this decision.

You can sign the petition at Tom Brake's website.

Victory for A5 pedestrian crossing campaign

Following months of campaigning by local Liberal Democrat Councillor Alison Hopkins and the local Lib Dem Team including Sarah Teather MP, a new pedestrian crossing will be installed on the busy A5.

Caroline joined campaigners in 2012 looking at this very dangerous road and saw clearly the need for an urgent pedestrian crossing to stop people taking their lives into their own hands trying to get from one side of the road to another.

Campaigning in New Malden

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined London and Kingston Liberal Democrat campaigners out and about campaigning in New Malden on Friday 12th July.

Caroline knocked on doors talking to local residents about key issues including transport and the Mayor's police cuts.

Caroline was campaigning for local Lesley Heap, the Lib Dem Candidate in the forthcoming Beverley Ward by-election.


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