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Public transport should be safe and accessible for all Londoners

As a Transport for London report showed that 25% of Londoners - and 35% from black and minority ethnic communities - are deterred from public transport by the fear of crime, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

“One can speculate that the variation in fear of crime is due to such factors as greater dependence on public transport by some communities, however speculation will only get us so far.

Mayor must listen to the coroner and admit mistakes

As Boris Johnson disputed the conclusions of a coroner's report finding that cycle superhighways create a false sense of security for cyclists, Lib Dem London Assembly leader Caroline Pidgeon said:

“The Mayor is simply wrong to question the views of the independent coroner who listened to expert witnesses before publishing her report. His inability to admit fundamental mistakes were made is a serious hindrance to improving road safety.”

Sentences for cycling deaths are far too lenient

Speaking to the Evening Standard on figures showing that of 40 deaths of cyclists on London's roads between 2010 and 2012, only 4 resulted in prison sentences for careless driving, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“All the evidence does suggest that far too often lenient sentences are being handed down to motorists and lorry drivers who have been convicted for careless driving which has contributed to the death of a cyclist.”

Commercial lobbying, not common sense is leading the aviation debate

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the proposed recommendations from Sir Howard Davies on expanding airport aviation, said:

“For the Davies Commission to advocate a third Heathrow runway in its proposed options means that it lacks any credibility in going forward.

“There is a great deal of spare aviation capacity in London and the South East. By showing so little interest in an intelligent use of this spare capacity the Davies inquiry has totally lost its way.”

Contactless technology is not catching on

As Transport for London claimed contactless payment on buses has been a success despite missing its target usage figures, Caroline Pidgeon told the MayorWatch website:

"Contactless technology has not really caught on with passengers in London. A year after its roll out on London’s 8,500 buses it seems each bus is typically seeing just four fares every day being paid with a bank card.

Cable car usage is pitiful for a publicly funded project

As figures revealed that use of the Thames cable car has fallen nearly 50% compared to December 2012, Caroline Pidgeon, called for the service to be free for those whose travelcards include Zone Two, and said:

"Last week barely 2,000 people were using the cable car every day," she said. "The number of people using it has plummeted over the last year.

Cycle hire deal with Barclays was always one-sided

Commenting on the news that Barclays will not renew its sponsorship of the Cycle Hire scheme when the initial contract expires, Caroline Pidgeon told the BBC:

"Barclays have received immense benefits from the publicity given to the cycle hire scheme in its early years, but now that its performance is looking shaky they appear to be bailing out.

"Fundamental questions have to be asked as to how such a one-sided deal was ever struck between Transport for London and Barclays."

TfL needs to be transparent on accident figures

Speaking for the London Assembly in response to figures showing that in the last year cycling casualties on the road have risen by 18%, and pedestrian casualties by 15%, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“There is nothing inevitable about cycling and pedestrian collisions resulting in death or serious injury. Cyclists are three-and-a-half times more likely to be killed in Britain than in the Netherlands.

Recent Cycle Hire usage figures are dismal

Commenting in the Evening Standard on figures showing that Cycle Hire usage is down for the fourth consecutive month - and 30% down compared to a year ago - Caroline Pidgeon said:

“A combination of poor performance in the running of the wcycle hire scheme and a hike in the membership fee for using the bikes has obviously turned many people away. I expect the recent cycle fatalities have also contributed to the fall in people who wish to hire bikes.

“The long-term success of cycle hire relies on the scheme’s sponsor contributing far more and for action to sort out the redistribution of bikes across the docking stations. Ensuring London’s roads are far safer is the final ingredient for turning around the recent dismal usage figures.”

The Met is too casual on Freedom of Information

Commenting on figures showing that the Metropolitan Police is failing to answer more than 20% of Freedom of Information requests within the legal deadline, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"The Met are showing such a casual attitude in answering freedom of information requests and is failing to meet basic legal requirements in more than one in five requests they receive.

"The Met should set an example in observing the law, sadly they have an appalling record in implementing legislation that has been in existence for over 13 years.”


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