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Have Your Say on Policing in London

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) is consulting on London's policing priorities. They are interested in your opinion.

Please take part in a short questionnaire to tell them your views. To complete a questionnaire click here or call 020 7202 0063, leave your name and address and they will send you a paper copy.

If you require a telephone questionnaire please call 020 7202 0063, leave your name and telephone number and somebody will call you back.

The Mayor doesn't take river transport seriously

Commenting on the plan for a three month closure of Greenland Pier in Rotherhithe - used by many commuters for the Thames Clippers ferry service, Caroline Pidgeon said:

People always overlook the river. It's such an important means of travel for so many people and this pier closing for three months is really bad news.

It shows the Mayor doesn't take river transport as seriously as others do.

How do the passengers get around while these works are on? They wouldn't close a Tube or rail station without making adequate provisions.

Quiet carriages should be seriously looked at

Talking to the Evening Standard about calls for TfL to introduce "quiet carriages" on Tube and Overground services, like those that exist on National Rail, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

We cannot underestimate the impact noise has on Londoners. Creating quiet carriages should be seriously looked at.

There are many practical reasons why it might be difficult to introduce, but such arguments were once used to dismiss people wishing to avoid tobacco smoke on the Tube.

Far more still needs to be done on Oyster overcharging

Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on Transport for London’s new facility for Oyster pay as you go customers who occasionally forget to touch out at the end of their Tube, DLR Overground or National Rail journeys, said:

"After many months of campaigning to highlight the scandal of Oyster overcharging it is good news that they are at last beginning to accept that a problem even exists.

“It is however regrettable that the new system only addresses just one form of Oyster overcharging caused by people who occasionally forget to touch out.

Thames Water should compensate passengers for burst pipe chaos

After pressing Thames Water to pay compensation for the extreme transport disruption caused by a burst pipe on 1st August, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

Thames Water should stop playing legal games and accept that they were responsible for the havoc faced by thousands of passengers.

Metal theft must be tackled

After her question to Boris Johnson revealed that TfL has had nearly £300,000 worth of metal stolen in the last three years, Caroline Pidgeon told the Evening Standard:

The increasing amount of metal theft from TfL property is a bill Londoners can least afford. This theft is also inconveniencing bus users and potentially creating safety risks on the tube.

This is far from a victimless crime and it must be tackled.

Levels of bus fare fraud remain shameful

Speaking to the Evening Standard about the Mayor's plans for fare evasion fines to rise to £80, Caroline Pidgeon backed the plans but commented:

Boris Johnson promised Londoners that he would cut fare fraud, especially on buses.

Sadly, after being Mayor of London for more than three years it is crystal clear that he has totally failed to tackle this issue.

The fact that fare evasion, especially on buses, increased last year under Boris Johnson is shameful.

When will Greenwich Council finally treat pedestrians and cyclists with respect?

New evidence has come to light of Greenwich Council’s appalling record in communicating with the 1.5 million people who have used Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels every year.

After extended delays in re-opening both the tunnels, along with repeated incidents of inaccurate information being provided, Greenwich Council is now claiming via their website that Woolwich Foot Tunnel will finally re-open to the public by the end of this month. However, at the same time, at the entrance to the Woolwich Foot Tunnel there are public signs saying the foot tunnel will only re-open in Spring 2012.

Put Bankside on the map!

A new name for Blackfriars Station would provide exciting new opportunities for the Bankside area, predict Caroline Pidgeon and Simon Hughes.

Commenting at the start of a Network Rail consultation for a potential new name to Blackfriars station, Caroline said:

“It is time to put Bankside on the map! Including Bankside in the station’s name would really help attract far more tourists and visitors to the area and lead to more money being spent locally. It would be good for businesses and good for local residents."

Jubilee Line fiasco costs more and more

After years of disruption on the Jubilee Line new evidence has come to light revealing some of the real costs of the years of dragged out weekend closures.

Following extensive freedom of information requests Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, has now discovered that the costs of the weekend closures since April 2007 on the Jubilee Line include:

  • 32 million passengers being affected by the weekend closures, leading to a loss in ticket revenue of a staggering £15.7 million
  • Transport for London having to spend £13 million on replacement buses

Commenting on these immense figures Caroline Pidgeon said:

“A year ago the Mayor and Transport for London admitted that the upgrade programme on the Jubilee Line would slip once again. After years of disruption to passengers, communities and businesses they announced a further year of weekend closures which has only just finished.


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