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Metal theft costs £1bn a year and causes severe transport disruption

The London Assembly has unanimously backed Caroline Pidgeon's motion calling for cash payments for scrap metal to be outlawed - alongside the introduction of tougher penalties for metal and cable theft - to help end the increasing disruption and distress thieves are causing.

Proposing the motion, Caroline said:
“The theft of metal is costing the economy around a billion pounds and causing serious disruption to passengers – and it’s getting worse.

Mayor and TfL have learned nothing on Remembrance Sunday closures

Speaking to the Evening Standard about the news that - in a repeat of what happened in 2010 - there will be extensive tube closures on Remembrance Sunday, Caroline Pidgeon commented:

It is simply staggering that the Mayor and TfL have failed to learn any lessons from the mistakes made last year when so much of the tube and London transport was closed or disrupted on Remembrance Sunday. If there is one weekend of the year when getting around London should not be hit by closures and partial closures surely it is this weekend.

Make cycling safe: enough is enough

Caroline Pidgeon wrote this article in the 28th October 2011 edition of Lib Dem News:

Min Joo Lee is probably not a name you will recognise. However the death of this 24-year Korean fashion student could well be starting a revolution in cycling in London and possibly further afield.

Incredibly she is the 13th person to die on London’s roads this year. In 2010 there were “just” 10 deaths. When this year’s death toll for cyclists already surpasses the figure for the last year, we should all be very worried.

Caroline puts pressure on TfL over King's Cross cycling safety

The BBC reports on Caroline Pidgeon's questions challenging the Mayor over the continued unsafe conditions for cyclists around King's Cross.

The report points out that despite TfL's claims to be actively working on improvements for all road users, the Mayor was asked about this by Caroline in September 2010 and would not commit to any action:

Question by Caroline Pidgeon on 15 September 2010

You have acknowledged that safety on the King's Cross one-way system through the boroughs of Camden and Islington needs addressing. Pursuant to your answers to MQs (1053/2010), (547/2010) and (2701/2009), can you tell me:

a) What has been the result, if any, of your discussions about "speed issues" on the King's Cross one-way system with the London Borough of Islington?

b) Whether a new design for the Caledonian Road/Pentonville Road junction is now ready, and whether this will improve road safety for pedestrians?

Walking incentive is a welcome step forward from TfL

Lib Dem Leader on the London Assembly, and Transport Committee chair, Caroline Pidgeon AM, today welcomed Transport for London’s plans to reward people who make their journey on foot or by bike under a new incentive scheme, saying:

“This incentive scheme is a very welcome step by Transport for London as it is exactly the kind of thing I pushed for in my report on walking last year.

“Around a quarter of all journeys in the capital are already made on foot but rewarding people with offers and discounts should help get even more Londoners walking.

Catford residents win battle for safety at the Tiger's Head junction

Campaigners are celebrating after Transport for London (TfL) finally agreed to make improvements to a dangerous road junction in Catford.

For years the local Residents' Association, Lib Dem councillors and Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon have been calling for better pedestrian crossing facilities at the junction of Bromley Road and Whitefoot Lane, the former site of the Tiger's Head. There have been numerous accidents and 'near misses' at the junction.

Caroline Pidgeon the chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee said, "After six years of false promises from both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson, it is wonderful that much-needed pedestrian improvements will finally be made to this dangerous junction.”

Blackfriars Bridge needs to be safe for cyclists and pedestrians

Caroline recently joined more than 2000 cyclists in a 'flashride' protest against the Mayor's plans for Blackfriars Bridge which threaten to make the crossing far more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. Caroline was also joined by Brian Paddick, the newly selected Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate.

No excuses for Tube policy of not helping visually impaired people

The London24 website has obtained an internal memo revealing London Underground's policy of not providing assistance to people with visual impairments during the rush hour at Victoria.

Caroline Pidgeon commented:

Incredibly, only last week the mayor was boasting that the London Underground was becoming more accessible for visually impaired people. As chair of Transport for London he must ensure that this guidance is immediately withdrawn.

Cycle hire scheme a long way from being self-funding

The Evening Standard reports that the cycle hire scheme is now expected to raise only £7m in revenue this year, compared to the £18m originally forecast, because TfL overestimated the lengths of journeys.

Caroline told the Standard:

It is clear that the Mayor's pledge that the scheme would be self funding isn't going to happen any time soon.

You can read the full article here.

TfL needs to go further in protecting minicab passengers

At Mayor's Question Time on 14th September, Caroline Pidgeon pressed the Mayor to ensure that TfL does more to protect minicab passengers by enforcing safety rules and background checks on drivers.

Caroline asked:


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