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The HGV Taskforce at work

Caroline joined the London HGV Taskforce on Wednesday 16th April to see first hand the work they do in making our streets safer for all road users including cyclists and pedestrians.

The team carry out detailed checks on lorries on London's Streets and pick up many issues from the security of the goods being carried in the lorry to threadbare tyres, drivers not taking their breaks and overloaded vehicles.

Action for pedestrians at Richmond Circus

Liberal Democrat campaigners in Richmond have been successful in changing the pedestrian crossing timings at the Richmond Circus junction.

Local residents contacted the Lib Dems about a crossing at the A316 (where it becomes Kew Road) which left some pedestrians stranded in the middle island for unacceptable lengths of time. The temptation to avoid the wait and cross against the flow of traffic had become a concern.

An unnecessary strike that will hit ordinary Londoners hardest

Caroline Pidgeon AM, leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group and transport spokesperson, commenting on the news that a 48-hour Tube strike will now almost certainly go ahead from 9.00 pm tonight after talks broke down between London Underground and the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, said:

Hartfield Road bus lane branded "cash cow"

Residents and local Liberal Democrats have hit out at the controversial bus lane on Hartfield Road during a visit to the area by chair of the London Assembly Transport committee, Caroline Pidgeon.

After investigating the bus lane on Hartfield Road, Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon said:

Horrific congestion forecasts show we need a new approach

As Transport for London released figures showing that traffic congestion in central London is on track to rise 60% based on current policies and strategies, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"The new congestion forecasts are simply horrific. The Mayor should prioritise buses and cyclists in the centre of the capital instead of pandering to everyone and ultimately failing everyone.

"The congestion charge should be updated annually, as public transport fares are, and levied at different levels at different times of day."

Read more at Dave Hill's blog in the Guardian.

Put a bit of fun back into the cycle hire scheme

As 101 yellow Cycle Hire bikes arrive to celebrate July's Tour de France stage in London, Caroline Pidgeon has called for the Mayor to "put a bit of fun back into the cycle hire scheme" with more themed bike designs.

"Rather than meeting every corporate wish of Barclays, more varied bike designs could attract far more people, and especially tourists and visitors, onto the bikes", said Caroline.

Campaigning for better bus services in Carshalton

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined Lib Dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake and local Lib Dem Councillors on Saturday 15th March to campaign on a number of important transport issues.

Firstly Caroline joined the team to once again highlight the issues with the X26 bus which does not stop at The Plough in Beddington even though it did previously. The local Lib Dem Councillors along with Tom Brake MP are calling for Transport for London to reverse this decision.

You can sign the petition at Tom Brake's website.

"Step-free" stations fail for 9000 hours a year

After a formal question to the Mayor by Caroline Pidgeon AM, Transport for London has admitted that "step-free" stations had a total of 9000 hours of lift failures in 2013 - as well as 500 hours of unplanned closures due to staff shortages or emergency cleaning.

The worst-hit station was Westminster, with over 2000 hours of lift failures.

Caroline commented:

Garden Bridge must be a safe cycling route across the Thames

As Boris Johnson admitted he "doesn't quite know what the point of the Garden Bridge is", London Assembly Lib Dem leader Caroline Pidgeon AM commented:

“This is the latest strange comment by the Mayor over the Garden Bridge.

“As the Mayor has agreed to spend at least £30 million of London taxpayers' money on this project he should at least ensure that it operates like a proper bridge.

Dangerous Whitton Junction needs action now

Local Lib Dem campaigners are calling on the council and Transport for London to take urgent action to address tailback misery in Whitton.

Local campaigners invited London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon to Whitton to see the worsening traffic conditions for residents trying to get on to the A316 from Hospital Bridge Road.


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