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Keeping Caledonian Road tube station open is a victory for local people

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson, commenting on Transport for London’s confirmation today that plans to refurbish Caledonian Road tube station will definitely not lead to the closure of the station, said:

“It is great news that Transport for London have fully reviewed their plans and can now confirm that it is possible to keep Caledonian Road station open whilst refurbishing its lifts one at a time.

Stop shameful growth in tax avoidance in TfL

As new figures reveal that the number of TfL employees paid "off the books" to reduce tax has more than doubled in the last five years, Caroline Pidgeon has called on the Mayor to clamp down. The number of temporary employees at TfL paid via personal service companies reached 2,296 last December: nearly 400 were paid over £100,000 a year, and 20 received more than £150,000.

Caroline said:

Speaking to East Dulwich residents about housing, fares and childcare

Caroline Pidgeon joined local Lib Dem London Assembly candidate for Lambeth and Southwark Michael Bukola and Councillor Rosie Shimell out in East Dulwich. They were out speaking to local residents and campaigning on half price fares before half seven, building more homes and affordable wrap-around childcare.

Discussing transport and planning with Vauxhall campaigners

Caroline Pidgeon met with local Lib Dem London Assembly candidate Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett and other Lib Dem campaigners in Vauxhall to discuss London transport issues and TfL. The team also looked at Lambeth Council’s plans for the area along with local community plans which will create a new open space.

Caroline Pidgeon welcomes reprieve for the Woolwich Ferries

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson, commenting on this week’s decision by TfL to not scrap the Woolwich Ferry, but instead to purchase two new vessels to replace the three existing life-expired craft, said:

“I very much welcome this back down by TfL.

“In the rush to push ahead with the tolled Silvertown Tunnel and other road crossings TfL were willing to sacrifice the free Woolwich Ferry, which is not only popular locally but incredibly helpful for pedestrians and cyclists.

More buses for Rotherhithe

Caroline Pidgeon joined Surrey Docks Lib Dem Councillors David Hubber and James Okosun along with local Liberal Democrat activists including Dan Whitehead to campaign for a shuttle bus around the Rotherhithe peninsula.

Campaigning against the Garden Bridge proposal

Caroline Pidgeon joined community campaigners and the local Lib Dem London Assembly candidates for Lambeth and Southwark Michael Bukola, and for Merton and Wandsworth Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett to campaign against the proposed Garden Bridge development for the River Thames.

Visiting the Crossrail scheme development

Caroline Pidgeon visited the Crossrail development at Paddingtion as part of a London Assembly Transport Committee site visit. Caroline witnessed a new station box being fitted out and walked down the tunnels in development to look at the progress. The engineering is very impressive and the scheme is currently on schedule.

Step free access stalled at Whitton station due to poor project management

Caroline Pidgeon joined local Lib Dem Richmond Councillor Piers Allen at Whitton Station. The step free access works here have been significantly delayed due to poor project management. The works ceased due to line closures as they could not get a crane in place to carry on the works.

Campaigning for ‘Half Price by Half Seven’ fares in Brent

Caroline Pidgeon joined the Lib Dem team in Willesden Green, including the local Lib Dem London Assembly candidate for Brent and Harrow Anton Georgiou, to promote the half price by half seven fares.

Caroline said:

“This fare scheme would help many people in Brent who may have to work unsocial hours.


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