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Night bus service set to worsen as the Night Tube approaches

Caroline Pidgeon has criticised Transport for London's plans to cut the frequency of busy night bus routes as soon as the Night Tube service starts, and urged the Mayor not to consider cuts to the frequency of any night time bus services at weekends until the new service is fully operating.

Caroline said:

"It is absolutely vital that people who use night buses across London are not inconvenienced by a reduced service before the Night Tube has even started.”

Upsurge in lift problems at Tube stations harms freedom to travel

Caroline Pidgeon's questions to the Mayor have revealed that between 2013 and 2014, the hours lost due to lift closures on the Tube have risen by 50%, harming the freedom to travel of disabled people and those who depend on step-free access. The main reason was the lack of available trained staff to operate lifts.

Caroline said:

Greenwich cruise liner terminal must address air quality risks

Caroline Pidgeon has written to the Mayor formally requesting that the planning application for a cruise liner terminal in Greenwich be called in for further investigation.

Particularly, Caroline highlights the risks to air quality from ship engines:

If the Night Tube is delayed so must the changes to Night Buses

Cuts in the frequency of 17 weekend Night Bus services must now be put on hold if the Night Tube service does not commence from the 12th September, is the clear message that has been sent to the Mayor by Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group.

Earlier in the summer, Transport for London proposed reduced weekend Night Bus services on 17 bus routes based on their forecast that some passengers will choose to use the Night Tube instead.

Visiting the new Enfield Town Overground service

Caroline Pidgeon AM joined other Assembly Members on a site visit with London Overground managers to look at the new service which runs from Liverpool Street up to Enfield Town.

The Transport Committee is investigating the devolution of suburban rail services to TfL following the success of the current Overground services and huge investment in new rolling stock and turn up and go services.

"It was interesting to hear about the plans to improve these new routes and to ensure passengers get a far better service" commented Caroline.

Checking out problems and progress at London Bridge

After months of problems at London Bridge station, Caroline Pidgeon AM joined MPs, councillors and fellow Assembly Members meeting Network Rail boss Mark Carne and other senior officials at the station to discuss progress and plans for helping passengers when there are issues at the station, as well as to to see the progress that has been made in the major station rebuild works.

"It was quite extraordinary to see the amount of progress that has been made since my last visit" commented Caroline.

Mayor must now come clean over the not so clean New Routemaster

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson, commenting on reports that 200 New Routemasters will have failing batteries replaced under warranty, and that on occasions the buses are running entirely on the diesel engine said:

“The Mayor has repeatedly boasted about the New Routemaster, yet this is further evidence that the claims made by the Mayor and TfL are just rhetoric and do not match the reality on the ground.

Garden Bridge project - murkier than the River Thames

Writing for the Folly For London website on the Garden Bridge project, Caroline Pidgeon takes on the Mayor over the lack of transparency around many aspects of the process:

Yet when it comes to the Garden Bridge this spirit of openness suddenly disappears. Obtaining information about the funding and procurement of the proposed bridge has been a lengthy and torturous process and even now many questions remain unanswered.

Third Heathrow runway proposal - a long delayed report with outdated arguments

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the support for a third Heathrow runway by the Davies airport commission, said:

“This much delayed report simply repeats many outdated arguments in opting for a third Heathrow runway.

“However many conditions are set ultimately a third Heathrow runway will have devastating consequences for a large section of London in terms of noise and increased air pollution.

Cycling Champion of the Year

Caroline Pidgeon, along with Val Shawcross, has been voted the joint Cycling Champion of the Year by the London Cycling Campaign's members, in recognition of her work holding the Mayor and Transport for London to account on cycling issues and for her work on the London Assembly Transport Committee.

Read about the awards on the London Cycling Campaign website.


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