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"Step-free" stations fail for 9000 hours a year

After a formal question to the Mayor by Caroline Pidgeon AM, Transport for London has admitted that "step-free" stations had a total of 9000 hours of lift failures in 2013 - as well as 500 hours of unplanned closures due to staff shortages or emergency cleaning.

The worst-hit station was Westminster, with over 2000 hours of lift failures.

Caroline commented:

Garden Bridge must be a safe cycling route across the Thames

As Boris Johnson admitted he "doesn't quite know what the point of the Garden Bridge is", London Assembly Lib Dem leader Caroline Pidgeon AM commented:

“This is the latest strange comment by the Mayor over the Garden Bridge.

“As the Mayor has agreed to spend at least £30 million of London taxpayers' money on this project he should at least ensure that it operates like a proper bridge.

Dangerous Whitton Junction needs action now

Local Lib Dem campaigners are calling on the council and Transport for London to take urgent action to address tailback misery in Whitton.

Local campaigners invited London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon to Whitton to see the worsening traffic conditions for residents trying to get on to the A316 from Hospital Bridge Road.

Stop the secrecy over cycle hire funding

Speaking to the MayorWatch website, Lib Dem London Assembly leader Caroline Pidgeon had called for the Mayor to publish complete details of the funding that TfL has received from London boroughs, Barclays and others for the cycle hire scheme over the last four years.

Caroline said:

“Getting to the bottom of how the cycle hire scheme has actually been funded has been a continual battle. Over the last four years there has been far too much confusion and secrecy over the sponsorship deal.

Residents' cable car discounts - welcome but not nearly enough

Speaking to the Wharf newspaper as Transport For London announced discounts for Newham and Greenwich residents on the Thames cable car, Caroline Pidgeon said:

"Providing cheap travel on the cable car for Greenwich and Newham residents is obviously welcome news for people that live in these two boroughs, but this latest development will not be sufficient to turn around the dismal passenger figures for people using the cable car.

Sutton's first Cycling Safety Summit

Sutton residents had the chance to debate cycling safety in the borough, as Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake hosted Sutton’s first ever Cycling Safety Summit.

Mayor’s 2014 fare rises will hit the weakest the hardest

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting ahead of fare rises that will be introduced across the whole of the Transport for London network from 19th January, said:

“Thankfully the Mayor was forced to back down on his initial proposals to hike up travelcards above the rate of inflation.

Common sense over bikes on the DLR is welcome news

Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on today’s announcement that Transport for London, will permanently permit bicycles on off-peak Docklands Light Railway trains said:

“This is an incredibly welcome decision. I am not surprised at all that the recent trial allowing non-folding bicycles on the DLR has been a success as there was no real argument to support the total prohibition of bikes being allowed on the DLR.

Assembly rejects Heathrow expansion

Despite opposition from the Conservatives, the London Assembly has voted to reaffirm its opposition to the expansion of Heathrow Airport and suggest that more use could be made of spare capacity at other airports serving the South East. It was reacting to the interim report published by Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission and the options proposed for expanding Heathrow and Gatwick.

Caroline Pidgeon AM, who proposed the motion, said: “I am really disappointed to see Heathrow back on the table. Airport capacity in London is currently under-used, in fact some London airports have more than half of their runway slots free. Rather than inflict further misery on the residents of West London, the Davies Commission should rule out expansion of Heathrow and focus on better use of capacity at other South East airports.”

Mayor needs to end his denial over plummeting cycle hire figures

Official cycle hire figures published today show that there were 1,473,824 (1.5 million) fewer people using the bikes in 2013 than during the previous year. The figures show that 2013 saw a 15% fall in people hiring bikes compared to 2012.

The London Datastore statistics further reveal that during 2013 there was a total of nine months with less people using the bikes than during 2012, including eight months in a row since May 2013, confirming that the fall is a clear trend and not due to any exceptional factors.


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