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Fare evasion is costing honest commuters

Caroline Pidgeon has called for Transport for London to take firmer action against fare dodging, where enforcement currently remains weaker than it was before 2020.

Caroline said:

"While of course it is welcome news prosecutions for fare evasions are up on last year, it is deeply disappointing they still remain below the levels for 2019/20, especially with lower journeys now than before the pandemic.

ULEZ scrappage data shows that the scheme should have been extended wider, earlier

The latest data on the ULEZ scrappage scheme shows that only 40 per cent of applications have been accepted so far.

The Liberal Democrats have pointed out this is yet more evidence that the Mayor should have accepted their Budget amendment last year that would have opened the scheme to everyone from day one, without means testing – and furthermore, that the current scheme should be open to retrospective applications.

ULEZ fine for EU visitors risk damaging London's reputation

After the Guardian revealed that TfL has been threatened with legal action over allegations of unlawfully obtaining the details of EU drivers in order to fine them for Ultra Low Emisson Zone "breaches" – which often simply means a failure to register a compliant vehicle before arriving – Caroline Pidgeon has called for an urgent investigation.

Caroline said:

“It is extremely worrying to hear that TfL could be collecting its data from drivers unlawfully.


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