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New data shows ‘significant’ 999 calls are not being responded to within one hour

The Met police are regularly not responding to 999 calls that are categorised as ‘significant’ in more than two thirds of London boroughs, new figures reveal.

The most recent figures that the Mayor was forced to publish, following questioning by the Liberal Democrat Londonwide Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon, reveal that in 21 of the 32 London boroughs the police failed to respond to 999 calls categorised as ‘significant’ within the one hour time limit.

The Mayor's record on childcare delivery is painful

Caroline Pidgeon has criticised Sadiq Khan for the very slow rollout of interest-free childcare loans to the Greater London Authority's own employees, with just 35 having received the benefit in two and a half years.

Caroline told the Evening Standard:

“His actual record of delivery has been pitiful. There is a huge gulf between his words and actions.

“Over a period of more than 20 months he has provided childcare help for just 35 employees.

Who is the real Boris Johnson?

Writing for Liberal Democrat Voice, Caroline explains why scrutinising Boris Johnson for eight years at City Hall has convinced her he is unfit to be Prime Minister.

But apart from being reckless with public money, Boris always acted as though he was born to rule us all; he had an absolute right and did not respond well to scrutiny. When I asked him tough questions about the garden bridge, he described me as having a “Taliban-like hatred of objects of beauty.” He also patronised and spoke down to female assembly members, routinely mocking what they said.

Look at his real record and then ask the question of whether this person is fit to be Prime Minister.

My mind is clear, the answer is no.


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