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Campaigning in Muswell Hill

Caroline had a great day in Muswell Hill, campaigning with Dawn Barnes, Cllr Julia Ogiehor and the Haringey Lib Dem team.

Campaigning in Bromley

Caroline came to Bromley to work with Julie Ireland and her team of local activists getting ready for the Kelsey and Eden Park by-election on 29th November.

We need clarity and progress on Hammersmith Bridge refurbishment

Caroline Pidgeon has highlighted the delays and uncertainty plaguing the refurbishment of Hammersmith Bridge.

Work was expected to start late in 2018, but this has been delayed into 2019 - exactly what the start and finish dates will be remains very unclear, with mixed messages from Transport for London, and Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

Heavy vehicles are currently banned from driving over the bridge, and this means TfL need to pay for traffic wardens to enforce the restrictions.

Caroline said:

Campaigning in Ealing

Caroline Pidgeon joined our candidate Nigel Bakhai and the whole Lib Dem team in Ealing, as they gear up for the Dormers Wells by-election on 8th November. The team were really pleased with the response from voters.


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