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Lessons from Croydon for the Cross River Tram

Caroline Pidgeon AM, the Liberal Democrat deputy chair of the London Assembly’s transport committee, has made a fact finding visit to the now well-established Croydon Tramlink along with a delegation from the transport committee.

Caroline says: "We can learn a lot from the Croydon tram experience and this will ensure the Cross River Tram is even more successful."

Commenting on the plans for the new tram to link London across the river she says:

Draper Estate Summer Barbecue

The Draper Estate at the Elephant and Castle braved the August weather and held a super summer barbecue for the residents on the estate.

Caroline joined local residents as they ate, drank and danced in their newly refurbished Tenants and Residents' hall garden area.

"Draper Estate always hold fun events for all the family and it was a real pleasure to pop by for an hour and catch up with everyone" said Caroline.

TfL’s rules on hybrid cars are ‘mindless red tape’ – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon AM, the Liberal Democrat deputy chair of the London Assembly’s Transport Committee, says the hoops through which new owners of hybrid cars have to jump in order to avoid paying the congestion charge are “ridiculous.”

“It’s just more mindless red tape preventing Londoners trying to do their bit for the environment. Why the drivers of these cars have to take the trouble to inform TfL that their cars are bona fide hybrids is beyond me and is something I will be drawing to the Mayor’s and TfL’s attention at the soonest opportunity.”

Action in Hillingdon

Caroline joined the local team from Hillingdon Lib Dems campaigning in the Hayes By-Election on 17th July.

The Lib Dem vote improved considerably, pushing the Conservatives who run the Borough into third place with less than 20% of the vote.


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