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Charity Commission is clear that the Garden Bridge was an expensive folly

The Charity Commission has released its report into the Garden Bridge project and the role of the trustees in overseeing the failure. It criticised the lack of transparency from the trustees, while not accusing the trustees of mismanagement or of breaking the law.

Caroline Pidgeon commented:

"The report is in some ways disappointing.

But the Charity Commission is, above all else, highlighting that the Garden Bridge project was a high-profile and expensive failure, with significant sums of public money thrown away for absolutely nothing of public benefit. This is clear to everyone it seems other than Boris Johnson and George Osborne, who so foolishly invested so much time and taxpayers’ money in this absolute folly of a project.

Tax break for polluters is holding back clean refrigeration technology

Caroline Pidgeon has spoken out about the continued tax break for "red diesel" used to power industrial refrigeration units, when much cleaner alternatives exist.

"It is appalling that the government has decided against closing the tax break.

"Ending the anomaly of the low taxation of red diesel would immediately send out incentives for new technology to be adopted.

"By their failure to take action the Treasury and Defra are defending a tax break which leads to more polluted air."

Campaigning in Lambeth

Caroline joined a great team of Liberal Democrats from around London campaigning for candidate Matthew Bryant in Lambeth's Thornton ward by-election. The election is set for 11th April.


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