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Labour and Greens sabotage more financial support for ULEZ expansion

Labour and Green politicians in the London Assembly have blocked attempts by the Liberal Democrats to increase the financial support available to those in outer London impacted by the expansion of Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion.

The Liberal Democrats had brought a motion to the Assembly today that called on the Mayor to increase the maximum payment claimants can make to the scrappage scheme, and open up the scheme to all those in outer London rather than just those on benefits.

“Jingle & Mingle” – Shaun Bailey should be stripped of honours

Responding to the latest revelations about the Conservative Christmas party during Covid restrictions where Conservatives were reportedly invited to a “jingle & mingle” event for Shaun Bailey’s mayoral campaign, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly Caroline Pidgeon AM said:

“It is an utter disgrace that while Londoners were doing their duty to protect one another, the Conservatives were planning parties.


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