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Waiting five years to fix the "crossing of death" is an insult to Greenwich residents

After Caroline Pidgeon pressured the Mayor to publish the list of dates to fix London's 33 most dangerous junctions, it has emerged that the Woolwich Road roundabout will not be made safer until 2023.

Caroline said:

“There are very good reasons why the Greenwich A102 junction is now known by local residents as the ‘crossing of death’

Mayor admits to deteriorating 999 response times across the whole of London

The Metropolitan Police are regularly redirecting nighttime 999 calls to other police forces, the Mayor of London has admitted in response to questioning by Caroline Pidgeon. Over June, July and August, the Met diverted 2,820 emergency 999 calls to other police forces to handle.

In response to questioning the Mayor has also admitted:

    Taxpayers keep on paying for West Ham's Olympic Stadium contract

    After the London Assembly found that taxpayers are still subsidising West Ham's rental of the Olympic Stadium, and paying legal fees for disputes around the contract, Caroline Pidgeon said:

    “The more I hear about the Olympic Stadium contract with West Ham the more frustrated I get.

    “Boris’ team signed this off and currently we are told each match day costs the taxpayer around £250k in subsidy…… unbelievable.

    £10m lost in Crossrail ad revenue is a blow TfL cannot afford

    Caroline's probing of the impact of the delay in opening Crossrail has revealed that TfL will lose £10m that it could have made from advertising inside Crossrail trains.

    Caroline said:

    "The £10m in lost commercial income due to the delayed opening of Crossrail is just the latest blow to TfL's finances.

    "Any examination of TfL's accounts shows that it is clearly on the ropes. In its current state I wonder how many more financial blows it can now take."


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