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Garden Bridge - defending the indefensible

Caroline Pidgeon criticised the Department of Transport for refusing to release a report into the abandoned £48m Garden Bridge project, claiming the need to protect a management trust that no longer exists!

Caroline said:

"There was repeated secrecy around the project from day one.

“This is truly incredible. After so many years of poor decisionmaking, it seems that instead of wanting to learn lessons from this doomed project, the Department for Transport just want to defend the indefensible.”

Visiting Finsbury Park Mosque

Caroline and Cllr Hina Bokhari had a very useful visit to Finsbury Park Mosque on 13th March. It was worrying to hear directly about the impact of hate crime on the Muslim community.

The Prime Minister needs to be transparent in the funding he declares

As the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards launched an inquiry into the funding of Boris Johnson's Caribbean holiday, Caroline Pidgeon told the Guardian:

“The prime minister clearly has form in terms of what he chooses to declare, which goes against all practice in public life.

Elected politicians need to go above and beyond the letter of the law to be transparent.”


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