London-wide + Greenwich stories

Make bus travel easier and cheaper - the One Hour Bus Ticket campaign

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, was joined by Tom Brake MP, councillors and campaigners from across London this morning at the launch of a Londonwide campaign to persuade the Mayor to introduce one hour bus tickets.

At the busy Vauxhall Bus Station, bus passengers were provided with information about the new campaign and invited to sign a petition.

Caroline Pidgeon said:
“You can already switch from tube to tube on the same ticket, so it makes real sense to allow people to do the same with buses. It really is unfair that people who use Oyster pay as you go have to pay a new fare every time they change buses.

Boris Johnson apologises over poor service for Horn Park estate residents

Bus users on the Horn Park estate have been given an apology from Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, following the intervention by Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson.

Caroline Pidgeon raised the issue of the B15 bus service not actually serving Horn Park estate, after being briefed by Greenwich Councillor Paul Webbewood, who represents the estate.

Caroline Pidgeon said:
"It is disturbing that bus operators consider it acceptable to shorten a designated bus route and inconvenience residents on the Horn Park estate. The Mayor and Transport for London must ensure the contract with Arriva is fully enforced."

Caroline criticises cancellation of Greenwich Waterfront Transit project

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, commenting on Boris Johnson’s recent decision to cancel the Greenwich Waterfront Transit project, said:

"Residents in Greenwich, Woolwich and Thamesmead badly need rapid and comfortable public transport to get from home to railheads like Woolwich and North Greenwich. The Transit scheme has been cut back from tram to guided bus to a pretty ordinary bus and now axed altogether. Labour and Tory Mayors have treated Greenwich with contempt."

Are fares fair? - Caroline Pidgeon highlights unfairness in London fares

The extreme variation in fares for the same journey facing commuters and visitors was brought to the attention of Boris Johnson by Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson at today’s Mayor’s Question Time.

Caroline Pidgeon said:
“It is clear that Boris Johnson has no idea what travel in London actually costs, especially for visitors and tourists. The Mayor couldn’t even answer my basic question of what a One Day Travelcard costs.

Caroline Pidgeon grills TfL over Dial-a-Ride

Caroline Pidgeon has been at the forefront of the examination of Dial-a-Ride's performance across London. Caroline has already asked extensive questions to the Mayor and is now ensuring further questions are raised through the London Assembly Transport Committee.

A recent Transport Committee meeting into the performance of Dial-a-Ride's service saw Caroline Pidgeon and other Transport Committee members questioning representatives from TfL, Unite and Transport for All, before giving the floor to around 30 Dial-a-Ride users who attended the meeting.

An unfair bill for South Londoners

Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon has persuaded Boris Johnson to support the campaign to ensure that the massive costs of the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes are shared more fairly. At present the bill of over £4 million is falling on the council taxpayers of the London Boroughs of Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark.

Questioned by Caroline Pidgeon the Mayor accepted that the costs of the inquest were exceptional and that it was unfair that the costs of the inquest are being paid by just four London Boroughs.

Mayor hits Freedom Pass holders with double whammy

Pensioners and eligible disabled people in London were today hit by a double whammy as the Mayor of London Boris Johnson revealed that not only would their 24-hour Freedom Pass not be able to be used on Network Rail trains before 9.30am, despite this being a key election promise, but that the London Boroughs face paying out millions of pounds to fund Mayor Boris Johnson's 24-hour commitment.

Mayor must seek private funding

Caroline Pidgeon AM, London Assembly Liberal Democrat lead on transport, commenting on Transport for London's Ten Year Business Plan, published today, said:

“It is staggering that schemes such as the Cross River Tram, the Croydon Tramlink Extension, East London Transit, Greenwich Waterfront Transit and plans for an Oxford street tram appear to have been scrapped with nothing in their place apart from, perhaps, a few more polluting diesel buses.

Action on dial-a-ride services

Over many months, Lib Dem Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon received serious complaints about the dial-a-ride services provided by Transport for London. On 3rd September Caroline met Paul Blackwell, General Manager of dial-a-ride, to discuss the many issues that had been raised by dial-a-ride users and to hear about what TfL are doing and have put in place to improve the service.

“It is quite clear that the centralisation of the service has caused huge problems, particularly in certain parts of London, and that their computer system has had real problems. I am trying to get to the bottom of how much the computer system has cost Londoners” commented Caroline.

“I have requested further statistics, going back as far as possible, so that I can really get a clear picture of the maximum length of time users are having to hold on the telephone before speaking to someone. We also need to know how often dial-a-ride are unable to provide a service.