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Campaigning in Holborn with Guy Verhofstadt

Caroline joined an amazing team of campaigners in Holborn to get across the Lib Dem message for the Euro elections on 23rd May. Along with Vince Cable, our MEP candidates and our Mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita, the team was joined by European Parliament Liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt and his fellow Belgian Liberal candidates.

Campaigning for the Euro elections in Southwark and Camden

Caroline joined our MEP candidates Luisa Porritt and Dinesh Dhamiija in Camden on Friday, canvassing for the European Parliament election on 23rd May.

And on Saturday she joined her local Lib Dem campaigners in East Dulwich, talking to voters in the street. It was very clear that local residents want an Exit from Brexit.

Proud to support a People's Vote

Caroline was proud to join hundreds of thousands of people, including a great contingent of Lib Dems at Saturday's march for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.

Reporting back - autumn 2018

In Caroline's latest newsletter, she discusses:

  • The need to push on with pedestrianising Oxford Street, fighting back against Westminster Council's obstructions
  • The dedicated youth workers we need in A&E departments to tackle knife crime and help victims
  • The fight against the noisy, polluting and unnecessary third runway at Heathrow
  • Making the case against Brexit and for the benefits the EU has brought London

Read Caroline's newsletter here.

Brexit is bad for London's economy and safety

Caroline spoke out against Brexit at the London Society's debate on 13th September: "Will Brexit be good for London?"

Caroline said:

I have to say that if you have criticisms of aspects of the European Union, you are not alone. I am a passionate Remainer, but that doesn’t mean I think the EU is perfect. I think the decision making process of the EU could be far more open and in some areas its budgets could be better spent.

Video: Caroline at Lib Dem conference - we will be the opposition to this Brexit government

Speaking at the Liberal Democrats' September conference, Caroline Pidgeon spoke strongly of the Liberal Democrats' determination to keep Britain open to Europe.

Now, more than ever, liberals are needed again. After the referendum there are many people in our country asking if the vote to leave was a vote for them to leave - leave their homes, leave their jobs, leave their friends. It was heartbreaking. But I will never forget visiting the Polish Centre in west London with Tim Farron in late June. It was founded in 1967, and the centre had never seen the kind of vile racist attack which they experienced in the days after June 23rd. Yet amid that horror, hundreds of people, having heard the news, sent messages of support and solidarity. Those cards, those letters, those flowers - those were all a welcome symbol of the real Britain that we love. And it is up to us now in the Liberal Democrats to speak up for every single EU citizen and to keep alive the country that they choose as their home.

We will be the opposition to this Brexit government.

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