Campaigning articles

Meeting voters in Wimbledon

Caroline had a great afternoon talking to residents in Wimbledon with Paul Kohler on 22nd November. Lots of residents are concerned about Brexit, and people raised a number of other concerns, including strikes on SWR.

Campaigning in Islington

On 21st November, Caroline spent the morning campaigning with Kate Pothalingam and the Islington Liberal Democrats. There was great support for voters for the Lib Dems' unequivocal commitment to remaining in the EU.

Campaigning in West Hampstead

Caroline had a great canvassing session in West Hampstead with Matt Sanders and the local Lib Dem team. The positive energy and responses on the door were infectious!

Campaigning in Richmond Park

Caroline joined Sarah Olney and the Richmond Lib Dem teams for a great day campaigning on 18th November. The chilly weather meant the team had a great opportunity to bring out their yellow Lib Dem hats and scarves!


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