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Campaigning in Richmond with the team

Caroline joined her Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidate colleagues Rosina Robson and Merlene Emerson to campaign in Teddington in Richmond. They were joined by local Liberal Democrat Richmond councillors and campaigners, including Baroness Sheehan and veteran Lib Dem campaigner Chris Maines.

The team received a fantastic response on the doorstep and then went to see Mo Farah’s gold post box from the London 2012 Games.

Talking about air quality and and its health impact in Sutton

Caroline went to Sutton with Lib Dem member of the House of Lords Baroness Brinton to visit the Sutton Breathe Easy patient support group, which is a group that offers help and support to people with lung conditions.

This group is part of the British Lung Foundation network, an excellent charity that campaigns tirelessly to improve air quality in the UK.

Out with local councillors and Baroness Brinton in Sutton

Caroline went out campaigning with Baroness Brinton in Sutton. They met with local Liberal Democrat councillors Paul Wingfield and Arthur Hookway, who both represent Worcester Park ward, and spoke to many local residents about the upcoming Mayoral and London Assembly elections.

They had a great response on the doorstep, especially to Caroline’s plans to increase police numbers in London by 3000.

Meeting the Chief Rabbi and campaigning in Hendon

Caroline visited Hendon in Barnet with the Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidate Zack Polanski and local activists. They went out to talk to local residents and commuters about the Half Price fares before Half Past 7 campaign, which proved to be very popular.

Caroline and Zack then met with local Hackney Liberal Democrat Councillor Ian Sharer, who took them to meet with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, where they discussed tackling the important issue of hate crime in London, school places and a range of other local issues.

Caroline said: “It was a real honour to meet with the Chief Rabbi in Hendon and we thank him for his time. He had insightful views on how to tackle hate crime, an issue that needs addressing in London.”

Out campaigning in Enfield

Caroline went out campaigning in Enfield with the Lib Dem team, including local resident and Lib Dem campaigner Paul Smith. They talked to many local residents about the popular Half Price Fares before Half Past 7 campaign, along with other issues and received a warm reception on the doorstep.

Talking to local business owners in Tower Hamlets

Caroline met with the Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidate for the City and East constituency Elaine Bagshaw to go out door knocking in Tower Hamlets.

They were joined by special guest Dave Hodgson, the Mayor of Bedford, and spoke to many local residents and small business owners in the Chrisp Street Market area about the upcoming London Mayoral elections.

Visiting my old Southwark council ward

Caroline visited her old ward of Newington in Southwark, and was joined by a group of Southwark Lib Dem campaigners to speak to local residents about the upcoming Mayoral elections.

Caroline said, “I love returning to my old ward in Southwark where I was a councillor for 12 years to speak to the local residents. It was great to see so many friendly faces and we received a very positive response to our London Mayoral policies.”


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