TfL’s rules on hybrid cars are ‘mindless red tape’ – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon AM, the Liberal Democrat deputy chair of the London Assembly’s Transport Committee, says the hoops through which new owners of hybrid cars have to jump in order to avoid paying the congestion charge are “ridiculous.”

“It’s just more mindless red tape preventing Londoners trying to do their bit for the environment. Why the drivers of these cars have to take the trouble to inform TfL that their cars are bona fide hybrids is beyond me and is something I will be drawing to the Mayor’s and TfL’s attention at the soonest opportunity.”

To avoid paying the congestion charge, motorists who drive hybrid vehicles must every year complete a lengthy TfL form and submit it with numerous other documents, plus a £10 registration fee. While TfL are processing this form, the motorists must still pay the congestion charge and can only claim back the money once the car has been registered.

“I can perhaps understand why this kind of bureaucracy was necessary when hybrid cars were a rarity, but now they’re such a common site on the capital’s roads why does TfL need to put environmentally conscientious drivers through all this red tape?” Caroline says.

She says she will be writing to the Mayor and TfL to find out why drivers of hybrid cars are being inconvenienced in this way, in the hope that more and more drivers will purchase greener cars in the future.