‘The spectre of a CPO no longer hangs over Potters Field’ – Caroline Pidgeon AM

The threat of a compulsory purchase order of an iconic piece of land, described by Mayor Johnson as “the most important Thames-side site left in London” has been lifted.

Potters Field, which lies between Tooley Street and the park next to City Hall, is owned by Southwark council and has been the subject of heated debate for a number of years.

At last week’s Mayor’s Question Time Caroline Pidgeon AM, the Liberal Democrat Assembly member, asked Mayor Johnson to lift the threat of CPO made by Ken Livingstone in 2007.

Hearing the threat has been lifted Caroline says: “It’s fantastic news for the people of Southwark and London as a whole.

“For too long the threat of a CPO has been hanging over this site but now I really believe Southwark council and Berkeley Homes are free to continue to work on a plan which suits both their needs.”

Berkeley Homes owns a plot of land to the south of Potters Field and had been granted planning permission to build on Potters Field through an appeal to the Secretary of State. But Southwark council were not in favour of the plan for the proposed tower blocks and refused to sell the land, leading to the former mayor’s CPO threat.

But with yesterday’s announcement Southwark council and Berkeley Homes will be able to continue their fruitful discussions which had progressed well earlier this year.

Caroline says: “It’s so important that whatever goes on this iconic site is in keeping with the area and reflects its importance to the London skyline.

“I’m delighted the Mayor’s seen sense and lifted the threat of CPO and I’ll be will be watching with interest to see what Southwark Council and Berkeley Homes propose.”