TfL announces review of Garden Bridge procurement process

Following Caroline Pidgeon's campaigning and questions to the Mayor highlighting serious concerns around the objectivity of the bidding process for the Garden Bridge project, Transport for London has announced a review of the process.

TfL commissioner Peter Hendy wrote to Caroline:

"In response to your letter and the general level of interest in the Garden Bridge, I have instructed a review of the overall process of procurement of the Garden Bridge design contracts, the findings of which I will publish in full."

Caroline commented:

"Every step taken by Architects’ Journal in examining the procurement process of the design contracts for the Garden Bridge has simply led to further questions needing to be answered.

"I therefore welcome Peter Hendy’s decision to ensure that a proper review of the overall procurement of the design contracts is now carried out and published in full.

"Peter Hendy’s decision is especially welcome as Boris Johnson has so far blocked any attempt to undertake a review.

"Hopefully the review will be thorough and answer all the remaining questions over the procurement process. Most importantly it should lead to lessons being learnt for the future, including the need for future projects of this significance being always open to a proper design competition."

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