Let's get on and build the Rotherhithe Bridge

Speaking to the WISE16 website, Caroline gave her strong support to the Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf bridge project, and discussed how to ensure it is a success.

I was delighted by Sadiq Khan’s announcement earlier this month that the proposed Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf bridge is definitely going ahead, with the prospect that the bridge could even in be built by 2020. As I think every reader of this website knows this bridge is desperately needed, providing for the first time the opportunity for people to cross the Thames by foot or bike in a part of London where it is near impossible to do so at present.


We need to ensure that the widest number of people are able to benefit from the bridge. That must mean continued improvements in cycling infrastructure in south east London, including more segregated cycle lanes and real improvements to many junctions. The bridge also needs to be accompanied by an expansion of the cycle hire scheme. It is simply wrong that at present, for people south of the Thames, the most eastward docking stations is just a few hundred metres from City Hall. It is vital that the cycle hire scheme is extended through Bermondsey and into the Rotherhithe peninsula.

Let’s get the details right, but most importantly let’s get on and build this much needed bridge.

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