Five year growth in Tube delays caused by overcrowding must come to an end

Tube delays caused by overcrowding have soared in the last five years, new figures obtained by Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member have revealed.

Caroline Pidgeon, commenting on the figures she obtained from the Mayor, said:

“These figures powerfully demonstrate that improvements to the Tube are in many places not even keeping up with the rising demand for travel created by London’s booming population and record number of tourists. It is vital that the growth in Tube delays caused by overcrowding comes to an end.

“The delays caused by overcrowding on the Jubilee Line are especially alarming.

“There is a vital need to maintain investment in improving the Tube, however we also need to go further and consider imaginative policies to manage demand on the Tube. A good start would be to encourage more people to start their journeys earlier in the morning by offering half price Tube travel for any journey that starts before 7.30 am.

“The pressure now placed on the Jubilee Line also shows why a pedestrian and cycle bridge linking Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf is so needed and plans for it must be accelerated.

“The bridge will play a valuable role in relieving pressure on the Jubilee Line, especially at Canada Water."

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