MPs and peers should look at their own workplace to see importance of EU workers

After a Freedom of Information request by the Liberal Democrats showed that 195 EU citizens are employed in Parliament, Caroline Pidgeon told the Huffington Post:

“Every MP or peer who fails to recognise the importance of EU workers should take a very careful look at their own workplace.

“From the cleaning of their offices through to the serving of food and drink, it is EU citizens who are playing a key role in the daily running of Parliament.

“It is simply hypocritical for any MP to vote against EU citizens being guaranteed the right to remain in the UK, and then spend the rest of the evening in a Commons’ bar staffed by EU citizens.

“MPs and Peers who fail to guarantee the status of EU citizens are creating unnecessary uncertainty and stress for many families around the UK. They are also undermining the effective running of a large number of businesses and public bodies, including Parliament itself.”

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