Mayor’s Transport Strategy has some good ideas, but big questions remain

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the Mayor’s newly published Transport Strategy, said:

"There are some proposals in the Mayor's Transport Strategy which I warmly welcome, most notably the real commitment to improving London's streets and ensuring that walking and cycling are safer and more attractive options of travel.

"The commitment to extend the Bakerloo Line and the continued modernisation and improvement of the Tube are also welcome, as are the commitments to improved access for disabled people.

"However the strategy raises a number of questions about delivery.

"Some of the targets about the adoption of electric vehicles particularly in relation to buses seem very timid. Far from London leading the world in the adoption of electric buses, we are increasingly being overtaken by many other cities.

"The Mayor also seems reluctant to put forward specific proposals to improve the Congestion Charge. Tackling congestion across our city must be a priority.

"Most fundamentally, the Mayor's proposals seem to be heavily reliant on Crossrail 2 being delivered and train services being devolved to the Mayor.

"It is highly regrettable that questions now exist as to whether either of these proposals will actually be delivered."