Caroline talks to TaxiPoint

Caroline Pidgeon spoke to the TaxiPoint website and discussed, among other things, the future of the taxi trade:

The Mayor has got to make some bold decisions in the area of regulation, capping private hire. Technology does play a role for taxis and private hire and there is a benefit there so you have to make sure that it's all regulated tightly. Also the Mayor has to bring in road-pricing in London then you will free up road space and everybody will be able to move more freely. Also the new taxi and getting the price right will make you more competitive.

The Mayor has got to be tough. When you have a company like Uber who will take you to court if you so much as do anything it's very difficult. The Mayor's administration are being very quiet on things because they are being sued the whole time and have to be very careful in everything that they say.

All in all I am highly optimistic that there is future for the taxi trade.

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