No excuses for repeating Piccadilly line misery

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the independent report examining the causes of the delays and disruption on the Piccadilly Line over the past two years, said:

“The service provided by the Piccadilly Line has been shocking in recent years.

“Last December there wasn’t a single weekday when the Piccadilly Line had the minimum required trains running during peak evening times. Despite a requirement to run 79 trains at peak times there were periods when as few as 52 trains were being run.

“The failure to provide anything close to an adequate service throughout last Autumn and Winter led to misery for passengers who faced packed platforms, overcrowded trains and long delays.

“This is a report where every recommendation must be fully implemented. There can be no excuses for the Piccadilly Line ever again providing such a poor service to so many people."