Mayor's policing consultation is shambolic

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and Member of the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee, described the Mayor’s consultation on Met Police Services as ‘shambolic’ after the details of important public meetings were finally published - almost eight weeks after the consultation started.

Caroline, who has been chasing the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime for the details of the public meetings for some time, commented:

“The Mayor should be ashamed of this shambolic consultation process.

“His knee jerk reaction to blame central Government for absolutely everything is becoming tedious. It is time he started to carry out his own responsibilities properly as Mayor of London.

“In every London Borough significant changes are planned for local policing provision. It is only right that properly organised and well publicised public meetings are held so local people can fully understand what is being proposed. Local people should also be able to question those putting forward the proposals, including the Deputy Mayor for Policing.

“Sadly it seems in many parts of London the public will only hear about these meetings after they have actually taken place.

“This Mayoral consultation on such important changes to policing in London is turning into a sham.”