Mayor agrees that fire safety breaches by landlords must be publicised

Breaches of fire safety legislation by landlords, including details of prosecutions brought by the London Fire Brigade, will now be included on the soon to be launched London rogue landlords database. The assurance was finally given this week by the Mayor of London following questioning by Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon.

Earlier in the year the Mayor announced that a new database will be created of criminal landlords and letting agents who exploit their tenants. Yet inquires following the announcement revealed that legal cases brought by the London Fire Brigade would not be immediately included, with the Mayor’s office stating it would merely include information from legal actions brought by London Boroughs.

After repeated questioning by Caroline Pidgeon the Mayor has finally provided an assurance that legal cases brought by the London Fire Brigade will also be included from day one of the new database.

Commenting on this new development Caroline Pidgeon AM said:

“I welcome the creation of a London Rogue Landlords database to help private tenants. It is long overdue that tenants and prospective tenants can find out about landlords. Such information will be vital to allow people to find a safe and secure home and avoid the exploitation from rogue landlords.

“However it is amazing that at the time of making a grand announcement about a rogue landlord database the importance of vital information about breaches of fire safety legislation was overlooked by the Mayor."