The Mayor needs to do some basic maths on electric car charging points

Caroline Pidgeon challenged the Mayor during Question Time on his plans to roll out a network of charging points for electric vehicles - and rated his plan for 300 charging points by 2020 as far too timid.

"If we expect companies with large fleets of cars and vans to go electric, they need the absolute certainty that there will always be easy access to rapid charging points in every part of London.

"The mayor needs to do some basic maths. Even when used back to back, a rapid charging point can only charge 48 vehicles every 24 hours.

"With 110,000 taxis and private hire vehicles on London's roads, not to mention thousands of vans, a network of 300 rapid charging points will never be sufficient to support these vehicles running on electricity.

"The mayor should raise his sights if he truly wants to tackle air pollution and ensure London leads the way in the adoption of electric vehicles."

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