Cycle Superhighway 4 - a missed opportunity for Greenwich and Woolwich

Caroline Pidgeon described her frustration that TfL's plans for Cycle Superhighway 4 now will not take it through Greenwich town centre and into Woolwich.

Responding to TfL's consultation on the plans, Caroline wrote:

“It is incredibly disappointing that the proposed Cycle Superhighway ends on Creek Road, some distance before Greenwich town centre. My understanding is that when first considered there was some consideration given to the Cycle Superhighway 4 running through to Greenwich town centre, onto Charlton and ending in Woolwich. I fail to understand why the proposed route now ends prematurely before reaching such an important destination as Greenwich town centre, let alone Woolwich.

“If TfL is serious about providing extra links for crossing the Thames for people in south east London the extension of Cycle Superhighway 4 out to Woolwich should be an obvious consideration. The failure for TfL to consider a Cycle Superhighway which runs properly into Greenwich while still proposing the Silvertown road tunnel is a perverse policy if the Mayor and TfL are truly serious about reducing car traffic and maximising the number of trips made by walking and reducing the reliance on cars.

“Due to both the proposed Silvertown Tunnel and the existing Blackwall Tunnel being tolled there will inevitably be more traffic directed to the Rotherhithe Tunnel and the Rotherhithe area. It is regrettable that this is not properly factored into this consultation.

“The success of Cycle Superhighway 4 depends on a reduction in road traffic and congestion and this should involve a review of the proposed Silvertown Tunnel.”

You can read more at the 853 blog.