Unstaffed Tube stations break the pledge TfL made to the travelling public

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on BBC London Television’s report on a number of London Underground stations regularly operating unstaffed, said:

“At the time when Tube ticket offices were set to close Londoners were given an absolute guarantee that stations would continue to be staffed at all times.

“The commitment to the continual staffing of all Tube stations, from the first to last train, is not an aspiration or objective, but an absolute guarantee that TfL has given to the public.

“To now discover that some stations are regularly unstaffed is deeply concerning and a security risk.

“Passenger safety and access means that staffing must be maintained when trains are running. Stations that are unstaffed also give a green light to fare evasion.

“The Mayor is ultimately responsible for the running of London Underground. It is time he got a grip on this issue and ensured that the long standing pledge to maintain staffed stations is actually upheld.”

Watch the BBC's report here.