Unofficial statements about London Plan need to be questioned

Writing at the MayorWatch website, Caroline Pidgeon cautions that the Mayor's office is sending out press releases about a London Plan that is in the drafting process and will not be completed until autumn 2019.

Caroline asks the media to ask critical questions about what they read:

"For a start, all the media reports in the last week have been based on a document that has not even been published until today."

"Should claims by the Mayor’s press office about the proposed new London Plan really be taken word for word, without even an opportunity for anyone to see the Mayor’s proposals?


"Getting the new London Plan even passed is a marathon and it will be almost two years before it is in place.

"Ensuring it has the best policies for London will involve lots of questions being asked and extensive scrutiny, including I hope by the media.

"And finally, the policies need to be implemented and enforced if it is to be truly effective."

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