The design for the Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf bridge has to be chosen transparently

Caroline Pidgeon has written to the top lawyer at Transport for London, describing her growing concerns at the lack of openness in the design and procurement process, and asking him to investigate.

Specifically, Caroline raised the issues that:

  • A "bascule" design - where the bridge would open and close like Tower Bridge - has been ruled out without clear reasons, despite being supported by transport charity Sustrans in an independent report
  • The appearance of the bridge is not being taken into account, when a well-designed attractive bridge would make a big difference to local residents and workers, and could even become a London tourist attraction
  • The consultancy involved in ruling out the bascule option could be allowed to bid for the construction of the bridge

You can read Caroline's letter in full here.

Caroline also joined a cross-party group in writing to the Mayor and asking for a bascule design to be considered alongside other options.

Caroline said: "The bridge was a project I put forward which the Mayor was eventually adopted, so it has my full support. As well as having huge practical and environmental benefit, with the right design it could well become a beautiful attraction in its own right."

You can read more at the campaign website.