The Mayor hasn't listened properly to RV1 bus users

The Mayor has refused to reverse the cuts to the RV1 bus service, which have left users with just three buses per hour - despite having spent £1 million on two new hydrogen-powered buses for the route just weeks before!

Caroline Pidgeon expressed the disappointment and frustration of local passengers:

"I welcome TfL at least admitting that it was unacceptable to suddenly cut in half the frequency of the RV1 without giving advance notice to customers and stakeholders.

"However, I find the Mayor's ultimate defence of cutting the RV1 bus service depressing. He has clearly not properly listened to the concerns of hundreds of people who have signed the petition to defend the RV1 bus service.

"Quoting figures about falling ridership is utter nonsense, as everyone knows that demand has been suppressed during extensive roadworks.

"With new housing and residents living along the route and with a proper marketing campaign aimed at visitors and tourists there is no reason why ridership figures couldn't be significantly improved.

"You will never get more people onto using buses if there are fewer buses."

Read more at the London SE1 website.