Mayor is still in denial over RV1 mistakes

The Mayor of London has stood by his decision to cut in half the zero emission RV1 bus service, although after questioning by Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon he has admitted that the lack of advanced information given to passengers and local residents before the reduced service started was unacceptable.

At Mayor’s Question Time on Thursday 17 May, the severe cut in the RV1 bus service was highlighted by Caroline Pidgeon AM as an example of where the Mayor and TfL are failing to consult with the public before making significant changes to bus routes.

The RV1 bus service was suddenly cut in half from 10th February.

Three months later the full details of the lack of advanced information provided to the public have become known, with the amazing revelation that even the Deputy Mayor for Transport was “surprised” by the change.

Commenting on the Mayor’s response Caroline Pidgeon AM said:

“Two years ago, speaking at Southwark Cathedral, Sadiq Khan promised to lead the most transparent, engaged and accessible administration London has ever seen.

“The reality is that just round the corner from making that serious pledge he has cut a key bus route with no advanced information, let alone any meaningful engagement wih the public. Even the Deputy Mayor for Transport was kept in the dark about the decision.

“To add insult to injury an important freedom of information request was held up in being answered for over two months, almost certainly to avoid vital information coming out before May’s local elections. That is a record of a secretive Mayor and administration at City Hall.

“The Mayor is still in denial over the mistakes in cutting the RV1 bus service. He has failed to properly listen to the hundreds of people who have signed the petition to retain the service.

“There are very good reasons why passenger use has been reduced due to recent roadworks. With new housing in the area and with proper marketing of the bus route, especially to visitors and tourists, it could easily see a significant increase in passenger numbers.

“Every argument to savagely cut the RV1 service is a false argument. The claims made by the Mayor simply do not stand up to scrutiny.”