The mayor needs to roll up his sleeves and tackle TfL's excessive payouts

Caroline Pidgeon has challenged Sadiq Khan to take a seat on Transport for London's remuneration committee and take ownership of preventing issues like the £50m spent on severance payments to departing staff last year.

Unlike the previous mayors, he has refused to join the committee.

Caroline said:

“The mayor of London is ultimately in charge of Transport for London yet Sadiq Khan has adopted a strange trick of distancing himself from the organisation when it conveniently suits his political needs.

“He defended the recent severance payments to senior TfL staff claiming his hands were tied and that despite being mayor of London he could not make any changes. Yet in terms of future decisions he is still unwilling to roll up his sleeves and ensure past mistakes are not repeated.

“I find his refusal to serve on TfL’s remuneration committee incredible. Londoners deserve a mayor who takes far more interest in key decisions being made by TfL.”

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