Caroline exposes the Mayor's broken promise on TfL tree planting

Sadiq Khan’s past promise that he will deliver a substantial tree planting programme for the whole of London is being broken, with his answers to Caroline Pidgeon's questions revealing that Transport for London (TfL) no longer even has a dedicated budget for tree planting along its extensive road network.

The new policy of TfL is in complete contrast to previous years, when hundreds of trees each year were replaced and new trees planted along TfL’s extensive road network.

The withdrawal of TfL’s tree planting programme also goes against a recent Mayoral commitment, set out in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, to increase by 1 per cent every year the number of street trees on the Transport for London Road Network.

Caroline Pidgeon, commenting on the change of policy made by Sadiq Khan. said:

“A few years Sadiq Khan promised that he would ensure two million trees would be planted in London over four years – he even tweeted about this claim. In complete contrast to such a bold promise he made to Londoners, we now discover that the Mayor has even cut back on the long-standing tree planting programme that TfL has maintained over many years.

“By ending TfL’s dedicated tree planting programme the Mayor has clearly scrapped his promise to increase the number of street trees on the Transport for London Road Network by 1 per cent each and every year.

“Trees are vital for London’s environment in so many ways. They help to tackle air pollution and ensure natural rain drainage occurs. They also provide much needed shade on hot summer days. Above all else they ensure London is simply a better place for everyone.

“The Mayor is making a mistake if he thinks such vital investment can be cut back without people noticing.”