Why Heathrow deserves a more thorough debate

Writing for Liberal Democrat Voice, Caroline points out that the issues around the third runway at Heathrow have not been properly discussed, and that the campaign against it needs to go on.

So let’s be absolutely clear, despite the thumping vote in favour of a third Heathrow runway the arguments against a third Heathrow have not been addressed

Many of the arguments in favour are outdated, most notably the obsession with hub airports.

Point to point flights are increasing. In just the last 12 months new point to point destinations from Stansted alone include Dubai, New York, Boston, Toronto, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Reykjavik and Corsica. Similar increases in destinations can take place at other airports, but they will not happen if a third Heathrow runway goes ahead.

Two thirds of the UK live outside greater London and the South East of England, yet two thirds of flights start from London and the South East. That is not rational.

Ensuring the UK is internationally well connected, especially to growing markets around the world, doesn’t require a third Heathrow runway.

The environmental and the economic arguments against a third Heathrow runway are growing.

Heathrow have lobbied hard, but the arguments for a third Heathrow runway rest ultimately on the interests of its owners being met, not that of UK plc.

The campaign against a third Heathrow runway is not going away and Liberal Democrats will be at the forefront.

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