Waiting five years to fix the "crossing of death" is an insult to Greenwich residents

After Caroline Pidgeon pressured the Mayor to publish the list of dates to fix London's 33 most dangerous junctions, it has emerged that the Woolwich Road roundabout will not be made safer until 2023.

Caroline said:

“There are very good reasons why the Greenwich A102 junction is now known by local residents as the ‘crossing of death’

“Waiting another five years for this junction to be made safer for both cyclists and pedestrians is totally unacceptable. The proposed timescale is deeply insulting to local residents and the many cyclists who wish to travel through this junction.

“Sadiq Khan needs to go back and carefully examine the pledges he made about addressing London’s most dangerous junctions, especially to the London Cycling Campaign, when he was seeking votes to become Mayor of London.

“If he is serious about making London a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists he needs to ensure that far more rapid progress is made in addressing some of the dangerous junctions in London.”

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