Bus stops are not an optional extra!

Caroline Pidgeon AM, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport Spokesperson, is set to question Boris Johnson over the absence of bus stops on Ladbroke Grove despite a brand new local bus route having just started.

Caroline Pidgeon has now tabled a question to the Mayor, urging him to ensure that Transport for London provides at least one bus stop and shelter to serve residents who want to make use of the new 228 bus service.

The lack of a bus stop on Ladbroke Grove on the bus route heading from the station to Shepherds Bush and the Central Middlesex Hospital was brought to the attention of Caroline Pidgeon by local Liberal Democrat campaigner Carol Caruana.

After visiting Ladbroke Grove and seeing for herself the unusually long distance that exists on Ladbroke Grove without any bus stop, Caroline Pidgeon said:
“I recognise that a few local residents objected to there even being a bus route, however this is no justification for the bus route not now providing a proper service to the far larger number of residents who rely on public transport.

“For older and disabled people especially this bus route would bring huge benefits, yet the lack of bus stops on one side of Ladbroke Grove makes it incredibly difficult for these people to make use of this new bus route. As Ladbroke Grove is not a step-free tube station, it is all the more important that people with a disability can make full use of this new bus service.

“I will be taking this issue up with Boris Johnson and urging him to ensure that Transport for London puts the needs of bus users first. Bus stops are not an optional extra on any bus route.”