How to get Crossrail completed

In an interview with Rail Technology magazine, Caroline discusses the problems so far with Crossrail, and the leadership that is needed to make sure it is successfully completed.

“Quite honestly, when your rolling stock for Crossrail had been so delayed, when you had a four-month delay in being able to start testing due to an explosion, and when you did start testing it wasn’t working very well, surely your brain is saying: ‘you know we’re not going to be able to start on time’. Logic says that. You may really want to with your heart, but the logic is that you’re not going to be able to.

"I think that it may well be that the mayor may want some fresh management; fresh board members to help oversee the project going forward so he can have confidence in it.

“The challenge is that, obviously, any appointment to the board is a joint appointment with the DfT, and given the mayor has a challenging relationship with the secretary of state, there may well be some tensions there I’m sure.”

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