The money wasted on the Garden Bridge confirms the folly of the project

Watch Caroline on ITV discussing the waste of public money by the Garden Bridge project.

As TfL published the costs incurred by the Garden Bridge project, Caroline also said:

“The Mayor and TfL should not be boasting about being transparent in publishing this information.

“What has been published today should have been in the public domain many months ago. It clearly has only been released today due to the London Assembly using its legal powers to summons documents from TfL.

“The details of wasted money spent on the Garden Bridge project is the final confirmation of the utter folly of the project.

“The Garden Bridge have squandered public money in a way no responsible charity should have behaved.

“No charity needs to spend £160,000 on a website or over £400,000 on a gala dinner.

“With so much public money having been recklessly spent, it is now time that the Charity Commission fully investigated the Garden Bridge Trust's actions.”

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