English Heritage finally recognising Emily Davison is long overdue

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat Londonwide Assembly Member, has welcomed the decision by English Heritage to finally ensure a Blue Plaque is provided to recognise and celebrate the life of the suffragette Emily Davison.

Caroline first urged English Heritage to recognise Emily Davison back in 2015.

Setting out why it is so important that the life of the Blackheath resident is properly recognised, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“Emily Davison is best known for her death at the Epsom Derby race where she stepped into the path of the King’s horse and was knocked unconscious to the ground, dying four days later, however this act was merely the final step in a lifetime of tireless campaigning for votes for women.

“Emily Davison suffered repeated imprisonment and the brutality of being force fed as part of her fight to ensure that each and every woman should have the vote.

“She was born into a comfortable middle-class background and could have easily have chosen an easy life, but instead she put her principles first whatever the consequences for her.”

“She was a remarkable woman that we should never forget.”

“There should have been a Blue Plaque to honour Emily Davison many decades ago, but I am delighted that he campaign to ensure she is properly remembered has finally been successful.”

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