Mayor has broken his clear pledge on community policing

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, has revealed that the Mayor of London’s pledge to restore community policing is being broken in numerous wards across the London boroughs.

Back in December 2017 Sadiq Khan boasted that he has successfully delivered on his promise to deliver at least two dedicated Police Constables and one dedicate Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in every ward in London.

Following extensive investigations by the London Assembly Member it has finally been revealed that the actual situation is very different. After months of refusing to publish the information the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime has finally revealed that:

  • Only 89% of wards in London currently have two Dedicated Police Constables
  • Only 92% of wards in London currently have one Police Community Support Officer

Commenting on the significant gaps in community policing in many parts of London, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“Just 18 months ago the Mayor of London was saying how delighted he was that every London ward has two dedicated Police Constables and Police Community Support Officer. The reality is very different indeed in one in ten wards in London. The situation may actually be worse because some of these officers are on long term sick leave, maternity leave, or restricted office duties so the reality of patrols on the ground is very different indeed.

“The Mayor has broken a clear pledge he made to Londoners. By resisting to publish this information for so long the Mayor has also fallen short on his claim to lead the most open and transparent administration London has ever seen.”